Learning and Growing

I am learning how to embrace being an artist. Music, art and theatre are avenues that my heart has meandered for as long as I can remember. But I have also been tempted to run away, to fight to be free of the emotional baggage that accompanies these excursions of bliss. Encouragement has been abundant in various seasons as I embraced opportunities to glorify God through my abilities but the voices of naysayers have also reverberated in my soul, much louder than I would have desired. Recently, through a series of rather traumatic events, I encountered a blank canvas that begged to be painted. This time I did not turn away. I am learning to internalize what Gordon Smith has written. He says,

“If you have been called into the arts – as an artist, a musician, an actor, a playwright, a poet – respond eagerly. Unfortunately, many do not know how to respond to and interact with artists. But ultimately you are fulfilling God’s call on your life, not ours. There will be people to encourage you. Seek them out, receive their encouragement and keep to the task” (Gordon T. Smith’s Courage & Calling, page 72).

Though I am a self-taught artist, I am choosing to embrace the abilities the Lord has entrusted to me and, in turn, present back to Him my moments of frustration, tears and joy as an offering of worship. I invite you to join me on this life-journey that mixes the theological, the authentically raw, and the aesthetically pleasing.


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