The Creative Mother


Often times the idea of creativity has hidden stereotypes. We think about a personality type or a sudden spark of inspiration that leads to a vivid display of artistic ability. However, these mental pictures place undue perimeters on the term. Some of the most creative individuals I know would struggle to categorize themselves as avant-garde.

At the top of this list are the mothers in my life. Their pallet contains an array of stories and experiences, their brush strokes, guided by their love. And their canvas is the life of a child entrusted to them by the Master — the same one who guides their sometimes-shakey hand.

VBTS_025Mom…. You believe the artistic abilities so dear to me may have skipped a generation but I doubt you give yourself the credit you deserve. Among my most precious possessions are ceramics you painted once upon a time. As a child, I remember sitting on the basement steps watching you create your displays for Home Interiors and Gifts. And it was from you that I learned to decorate in groupings of three. Your love of simple beauty has been transferred onto my heart.  In addition to stopping to smell the roses, you taught me to see the dew drops, caress their velvety petals, and thank God for this expression of His love. I recall a Christmas that came too quickly made exciting by the use of a special “Santa sack” fashioned out of a trash bag. Your creativity is not an isolated spark, it is a way of life and I love you for sharing it with me.

last days in Vienna 028Anda…. I have been blessed to spend the last ten years watching you mother our son. You have creatively helped to create a home each time the Lord has allowed us to land in a new destination. You are an amazing seamstress, a gift that has not been lost on those who come to know you. Your creativity in the kitchen keeps our home scented with a welcoming aroma. I watch as you teach our son through the use of scrabble tiles and Lego blocks. Believe it or not, Josiah told me math is one of his favorite subjects… considering my own strengths and weaknesses, we both know this is a gift only you could have given him. I am thankful for the way your gifts complement my own as we seek to raise our son to follow the Lord. Thank you for helping to cultivate an environment of creativity within our home. Thank you for facing life next to me!


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