Splashes of Color from a Wonderful Weekend!

This past weekend my wife and I were privileged to volunteer in the resource center at FamilyLife’s Frisco-based “Weekend to Remember” conference. Over the stretch of three days we were blessed to interact with various married couples as they perused and purchased various marriage and family resources. One of the many resources available was “The Art of Marriage” curriculum. We first became acquainted with this material when we attended our first “Weekend to Remember” way back in 2009. It was there in Hershey, Pennsylvania, that we decided to purchase these materials because, as Anda explained, “We found materials to help our marriage that spoke a language my husband understood.”


To my fellow artists, if you are looking for resources to enrich your marriage that speak your heart language, I would recommend that you check out “The Art of Marriage!” You can find more information on FamilyLife’s website at http://shop.familylife.com/p-1954-the-art-of-marriage-small-group-series-starter-pack.aspx.

On Saturday evening, time was built into the conference schedule to allow participants to enjoy a date-night. After enjoying dinner in the food court and a time of window-shopping at a local mall (which of course included a small shop that sold original art work and a bookshop), we made our way to the 7:15 showing of the “Woman in Gold,” a movie based on the Nazi capture of Gustav Klimt’s famous 1907 portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer. The film chronicles the pursuit of a surviving Jewish woman’s attempt to reclaim her aunt’s portrait from the post-war clenches of Austrian bureaucracy. This movie is a must see! In the midst of dealing with the heart-wrenching atrocities of the Holocaust, a political understanding of ethics and the rights of individuals, this work also reminds us that artistic renderings are connected to life. While we may appreciate the beauty of a piece in isolation, the context of a masterpiece’s story is a heritage that is not to be forgotten.


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