Artist Spotlight… Dawn Waters Baker

The concept of community often gets lost midst our high-tech, low commitment societal preferences. However, by nature we were not created to be alone. We need others in our lives. Obviously, because of the great diversity of personalities and worldviews, entering into community can be difficult at times. Sometimes it doesn’t seem safe. But other times you encounter a person and know instinctively that you are breathing the same air; that there is common ground which allows your differences to serve as a means of encouragement and sharpening. My morning was built around one of those encounters.

DSCN8738A few months ago, I attended a luncheon on using the arts in ministry. One of the guest speakers was Dallas-based artist Dawn Waters Baker. As Dawn shared her heart she made a profound statement, “Brokenness is drawn toward beauty.” I knew at that moment that I wanted the opportunity to delve into a deeper discussion with this talented individual.

Today, fast-forwarding past a few facebook posts and email messages, we sat down to chat in the corner of Hope Coffee. Dawn graciously shared her experiences as an artist, her heart for the broken and the purpose of her art – to visually love others.

When asked about tricks of the trade, Dawn offered the following insights to Christians endeavoring to serve within the creative arts:

  • Protect your creative time. This is not selfish, it is a way of being able to continue to offer your best to the Lord.
  • Take time to rest.
  • Enter into community. We all need a group of people where we can be pushed in addition to being loved. Share your prayer requests with this group on a weekly basis.
  • Find an ongoing way, that is not art related, to serve. This will help you to maintain a humble outlook on the world and those the Lord has allowed to come within your sphere of influence.

Check out Dawn’s website at! You will be amazed at her incredible ability to capture the sublime emotions communicated by God’s handiwork in nature.

Thank you, Dawn, for enduring my random questions and encouraging me in the journey! May the Lord continue to bless the work of your hands to the glory of His name!


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