The Gospel Revealed

The Apostle Paul writes about how one man plants a seed, another waters it and yet still another realizes its fruit. God does not expect us to “win” souls for Christ… He expects us to be faithful.

I observed a great example of this principle on Sunday. We share a special relationship with an elderly lady at our church. However, to know her is anything but geriatric. She is full of life and as an overflow of her love for the Lord and others, she embodies joy. Her name is Patty.

Our family hasn’t known Patty long but the Lord has used her as a huge encouragement to us. When some of my work was recently hung on display at Northwest Bible Church, Patty took it upon herself to make “public service announcements” to her Sunday school class and the senior citizens group that meets during the week… she even gave guided tours, sharing with others what she had heard me say about each of my paintings.



Recently, Patty purchased a print of one of my paintings called “Revealed.” I was encouraged by her purchase but that vote of confidence was soon to be outdone. Patty took her print to a professional framer. As she explained what she wanted done, the craftsman began to ask questions about the content of the picture. Within a few moments, Patty had the opportunity to share the Gospel message using my painting as a visual!

Patty took the finished product home and displayed it in her living room. A few days later she hosted her granddaughter’s graduation party. As friends and family gathered, Patty once more shared the intended message of the painting with her visitors.

God uniquely allows us to share in His message of hope and salvation. For some of us, we are allowed to “speak” the Gospel visually, others are entrusted to share the message through words. He calls one to sow and one to reap (John 4:37). The question is not so much, “who does what?” It is whether or not we are faithful where he has placed us. How are you using your gifts to make Him known?


5 thoughts on “The Gospel Revealed

  1. Thank you Jeremy, for your sweet words…and I am so thankful that you do not consider me “geriatric”!
    May I thank YOU for using your God-given gifts to create these beautiful “pictures”. They are so much more than a “picture”; the spiritual story that is contained in each of your creations is amazing.
    In explaining the meaning of “Revealed”, it creates such a natural process to share the gospel. Your gifts and talents are being used to be the “seed” in bringing others into the Lord’s Kingdom.
    Blessings to you, Anda and the kids,

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    • Patty! I was wondering if you would see what I wrote… Hopefully, you were not offended by my pun. You have encouraged me so much in this journey! Thank you, sweet sister, for loving the Lord and for loving us!


      • Hi jeremy and anda! Trust you had a bblessed christmas. Unfortunately, we were uunable to attend church because f Fred was not doing well; thus, i did not get to pick up the cards. I plan on being in the library this coming sunday the 3rd, so if you are there i will give you a check. Thanks! Blessings , patty On Jun 10, 2015 6:05 PM, “Sword & Scroll” wrote:

        > swordandscroll commented: “Patty! I was wondering if you would see what I > wrote… Hopefully, you were not offended by my pun. You have encouraged me > so much in this journey! Thank you, sweet sister, for loving the Lord and > for loving us!”


  2. Oh my NO, Jeremy, you did not offend me in any way. I know that numerically I am “old”, but I never want to act “old”! I want to help in any way that I can in getting the word out about your creations. We shall see what door the Lord opens!
    My love to you and family,

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