What if? Seeking Faith, Understanding and Healing through Art

What if? As a dreamer this is a little game I enjoy playing from time to time. When things are quiet or sometimes in the midst of chaos, I close my eyes and wonder, “What if?” For example, what if… the gifts entrusted to individual believers are meant for a purpose? What if they have the potential to heal the wounds of others instead of simply promoting the pedestal of self? This idea appeals to me. As a Christian, I believe this should be the case. Ephesians 2:10 reminds us that “we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them” (ESV).

The Lord recently gave me an opportunity to act as an instrument of peace and healing while participating in a summer internship with a ministry called CenterPeace. CenterPeace is a 501(c)(3)
non-profit organization that offers seminars to help church leaders, educators, and families better understand same-sex attraction and open conversations about faith and homosexuality. A portion of my internship involved winsomely speaking the language of art. Recognizing my gifts, CenterPeace’s director, Sally Gary, asked me to illustrate the ministry’s spiritual formation curriculum. Below are three of the paintings that I created for that task:

0001UIIdentity – Understanding who we are and developing a healthy perception of how to live based upon this understanding is a challenge that confronts all of us. This piece will become a point of contemplation in a section that balances the lessons of youth, acquired false identity, the need to see oneself as a child of God, self-love, and thankfulness.

0001DzThe Lies We Tell Ourselves – Positioned in a section on the strategies of the enemy, this piece addresses the internalized lies of the Deceiver, flavoring our understanding of personal identity.

0001IQ     The Journey – This piece of artwork will accompany the final section of the curriculum. The material provokes the participant to seriously consider what a life of holiness would look like and what decisions will direct their path going forward. Notice that the young man contemplates his journey within the shadow of the cross, weighing the options available to him.

While these artworks have not presently been turned into prints, it is my hope that this will take place in the near future. Please check back often for updates and feel free to contact me if you have interest in acquiring a print. (This will help me in deciding the number of fine art prints I can feasibly produce without going into debt.) Thank you and till the next time… Shalom!


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