Why I Will Continue to Work Art Walks for only $12.25

This evening we attended our first art & wine walk as vendors. Prior to setting up our booth, my wife and I paused to ask the Lord to watch over us and our efforts throughout the evening. We petitioned Him to allow us to be a blessing to others around us and to assist us in making a little bit of revenue, fully aware that there were bills at home that needed paid. The event was held in an upscale shopping center in an upscale community. Prospects were looking good. But the Lord does not always answer our prayers in the way we expect.

Anda works hard setting up our display area.

Anda works hard setting up our display area.

As the evening progressed, we were often acknowledged as selling religious artwork with a nod and a turn to leave. None-the-less we remained hopeful and sought to engage patrons with explanations of our work.

Mid-way through the night, a young lady emerged eager to converse regarding a piece I had created using one of the early church creeds. It was a delightful conversation. At the end she took my information and commented that she would continue to consider the piece but was unsure if she had a place for it. However she said, “I hope as an artist you know and can accept that, even when someone doesn’t purchase your work, it is a blessing for you to share your work like this and the conversations you have regarding it are a blessing.” In addition to her consoling words she purchased a few smaller items for $6.50, though she insisted on giving us $10 instead – our largest sale of the evening.

Jeremy waits with eager anticipation!

Jeremy waits with eager anticipation!

As the evening came to a close and only one more sale of $2.25 transacted, our earlier patrons words swirled around in my mind. Did I know that my work had served as a blessing to someone else? Yes, this young lady’s words had validated that fact and in doing so had answered my earlier prayer. Could I accept that my work and conversations were a blessing and enough even without huge sales? Ahh… there was the rub. We had prayed at the beginning of the evening that the Lord would allow us to be a blessing – which He had – and would allow us to make some revenue – which He had, $12.25 to be exact. Yes, the Lord had been faithful in fulfilling our prayers and I am willing to accept that selling artwork is only a portion of the ministry the Lord has given to us as artists. How blessed we are to be in the world and hear the stories of ordinary people and help them hear the story of our gracious Lord, Jesus. Come to think of it, who could ask for so much for only $12.25?


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